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Having bodily contact with someone outside marriage and the deceitfulness by a married person to the marriage bed is regarded as adultery. When a man and a woman cohabit and bed together without marriage and either of them is married to someone else, it is considered as an adulterous act. A consensual sexual act between two individuals who are not lawfully wedded to each other is Adultery. It is a breach of trust as well as infringement of the holy marital promises. Adultery is regarded as the transgression of marital property.

To prove adultery: –

  • The evidences must be related to places and dates where the adulterous party and co-respondent may have met in isolation.
  • There need to be circumstantial proofs such as photographs of the spouse with a third person at secluded place where they may get intimate or at places like hotels where they may get an opportunity for physical relationship.