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Insurance Investigation

Insurance Investigation

We conduct investigations pertaining to insurance claims and insurance frauds. We have handled plenty of such cases in past where we found that many claimants would claim the money from insurance company on false documents of death certificate. Such deceptions can prove to be a costly deal for insurance companies. We have a separate team, specializing in handling insurance claims investigation that can help you identify fraudulent activities. Our team of professional investigators works closely with the legal team and the claims department of the company with the only objective to protect it from insurance frauds. Protect Your Company From Insurance Claims Fraud.
SR Detective Agency has emerged as the fastest growing professional private investigation agency in India, today. We can help you gather the forensic evidence in several ways, such as the following:-

  • Locating the witnesses
  • Finding out the circumstances, manner, and causes of suspicious death claims
  • Carrying out discreet surveillance in order to ascertain the claimant’s personal disability.
  • Providing a detailed report with the best in supporting documentation including photographic and videotape evidences.

When it comes to the resolution of a claim, information plays a crucial role. We can help you get the right information at the right time, as our investigators are well trained in accident benefit verification, staged accident investigations, personal injury assessment, catastrophic investigations, employment and neighborhood interviews & verification, and gathering information regarding policy violations & misrepresentation. We can also answer all your queries that you need to clear to settle the claims and reduce your company’s exposure to deceitful acts of the claimants.