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Fraud Cheating

In today's world too many frauds happen but only some criminals are catched. There are many types of frauds like online fraud, bank fraud, insurance fraud etc. In day to day life we use our mobile phone very frequently, this is also a reason for increasing online frauds. Because of technology we have all payment controls in our hands that's why it is very easy to fool people and criminals know that some people are not that much educated so they target them. Fraudsters change IP address so no one can catch them easily. Fraudsters use technology as a weapon and fool innocent people. Fraudsters also do fraud on call, they call people and say they are taking from your bank and ask for some details, then they trap the person and ask for OTP and if the person tells OTP then they withdraw money from their bank account. Maximum frauds are happening online, because if fraudsters do offline fraud they have more risk in it. #srsecurity #detective #detectiveagency #detectiveindelhi #detectiveindelhincr #legalservices #blog #blogs #blogger #bloggerslife #bloggergetsocial #ontheblog #