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Post Employment Investigation

We will help you in Post Employment Investigation WE NEVER SLEEP What is Post Employment Investigation ? The concept of Post employment can be defined as corporate counter intelligence It has become common that some employees once asset to company may become cause of destruction to existence of company. There is every possibility that some erring employees may be restoring to formation of UNIONS only for purpose of defeating the company or for their personal influence. The employee may be an undercover agent of your competitor company leaking your company secrets? The employee may be absent from long leave in your company or may have taken job in other company, avoiding legal notice and summons of client company? The employee is involved in espionage or suspicious activities against interest of company. The dangers of such employees being part of organization with such motives are bound to bring the company under losses and disrepute and basing on the experiences we have uncovered various such illegal acts conducted by the close confident employees of company . What we can do ? Post-employment screening is equally important, for the employee needs to be continuously monitored throughout his continuance in the company. Post-employment screening ensures that companies can minimize the risk to which they are exposed over the long term. It is often seen that employees who had started work with an impressive and clean record, after commencement of employment, got involved in illegal activities. #bloggs#blogger#bloggerlife#bloggergetsoical#ontheblog#srsecurities#delhi#law#legalservices#employment