Loyalty Test

Loyalty Test

Loyalty Test – a must for peace of mind

To check whether a person is loyal to his/her nearer one, his/her surveillance for at least 7 days is necessary. Surveillance will unravel everything about him/her. For this, we have a team of trained and experienced workforce and latest apparatus. Being the most well-equipped agency, we collect substantive evidence during surveillance. Our’s is growing agency of professionals having vast experience in multi-faceted investigations. We are in this field for last one decade and have handled all types of cases belonging to personal and corporate sectors. We offer a wide range of comprehensive work for the clients in India. We also conduct confidential enquiries in utmost discreet manner to unravel truth. Our method of conducting enquiries is so meticulous that even our direct approach to the subject creates the least doubt and that is possible because of the cover stories we take. We are always quick to come up with an alibi. We also provide video and photographic evidence wherever possible. We do our best to satisfy the client by meeting their requirements and expectations.

Our essential steps taken in investigation include: –

  • Step No.1 – Identify the suspect.
  • Step No.2 – Observe the activities and habits of the suspect.
  • Step No.3 – Spot and then develop agents in the target side.
  • Step No.4 – Through agents, we collect desired evidence by properly briefing and de-briefing them.

In this way, we have always succeeded in checking loyalty.